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Smalti classic collection di Faby.

Gli smalti Faby sono Big 5 Free, ovvero realizzati senza l’utilizzo di DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate), Toluene, Formaldeide, Resina di Formaldeide e Canfora.

Nessun prodotto Faby è testato su animali.


A long Summer, A Rhyme for Roxanne, A Walk on Water, Black is Black, Bohemien, Bond Street is my House, Buena Vista!, Cartoons Picnic, Chili Potion, Coup De Theatre!, Crossing the Universe, Cruise on the Fantasy sea, Dedicated to Brigitte, Do you have Candy?, Don’t disturb My Puppy, Dusting Sugar, Everything you Touch, Eyes of Water Lily, Faby is My Boss!, Faby’s Red, Fabyana, Fairy Dreams, Fleur-De-Lis, Footprints on the Beach, Gingerbread, Glittering Chlorophyll, Hi, Honey!, Hollywood Party, I Can!, I love My Land, I love Roses Jam…, I Want a Falling Star!, I was born Yesterday!, I’m Not Crazy!, In the Background…, Jacqueline d’Antibes, Japanese Yuzu, Jump on my Magic Carpet!, Keep on The Sunny, La dolce Vita, La vie en Rose…, Lightnings on the Ice, Lobster Salad, Look at Me only in the Dark, Look How they Shine, Love that! I Want!, Lunar Skin, Luxury, Marry me Robbie!!, Meteor Shower, Metropolis, Midnight Bath…, Miss Scarlett, I suppose…, Mona Lisa smiled at Me, Monday: Eight o’clock!, Moonwalk, My favourite Rose, My little secret, Naturally, Nuit des Mysteres, Ocean Boulevard, Optical White, Paintings and Promises, Panic on Wall Street, Paper Sky, Passport for My Heart, Petals in the River, Plastic jewels and Neon lights, Prosecco@5PM, Raspberry Jelly, Red at Night…, Red Carpet, Red Hot!, Red Reflex, Save the date, See you in Florence…, Sensual Touch, Shadow Puppets, Shake Shake Shake…, Snow White’s Snack, Soft Pink, Soundcheck, Springtime Art, Springtime in Central Park, Sugarful, Sunglasses and Bikini, Sunset Farms, Tell me a Story…, The bride’s Glove, The Cherry Orchard, The Color of the Light, The Dance of the Graces, The desert Rose, The ladies of Leonardo, The Most beautiful in the Realm!, The Queen of Flowers, The Vagaries of the Stars, The Venu’s Mantle, This is my Style!, Torna a Sorrento, Tourists on The Moon, Toyland, Valentina’s Day, Versailles Gardens, Vincerò!, Vitamins Juice, Walking Bass, Wear your Color, What’s the Next Move?, What’s wrong with Pink, Why don’t you speak?, Winter Garden, Woodstock ’69, You’re on Pandora, Zephyr’s Blow

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